"here they are on my ltr. the pictures don't do them justice. when the sun hits them, they have a nice blue tint. the fit and finish are excellent."  --Joseph, Member from LTR450HQ
"Got the sprocket cover today simply awesome thanks alot."
--Terry, Member from QuadracerHQ
All I can say is that for those of you looking for a COOL, functional, custom V item, this is the ticket.
Very well made, VERY lightweight and FAST delivery. Top notch all the way!! --RPM From Kawieriders.com
                     Teryxforum.com- Dasa Racing said:
Holy effin chit ....... i just got this FULL REAL carbonfiber center console complete. I worked with Rob from the CARBON CARTEL. It is insane. i went over the basics of what i wanted and he NAILED IT. These are just some quick photos. i will get more once i get the suspension and wiring all wrapped up. This guy can make INSANE parts out of carbon fiber. He is the man ..... the part will form perfect once i actually install it. In these photos i am just setting it in place and not bolting it inplace
Dasa Racing needed a better cooling
center consol.
Nice arm rest too!
Hey Rob,
I got the taillight delete and it is awesome, looks real trick! You do some dam good work! If you get any orders from VA it's because I gave you some great feedback.... I cant wait to see how trick the shrouds look I will shoot you a picture when i mount them.
Thanks once again for not forgetting about me!
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