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 DRR Full Carbon fiber skid plate. Even the frame clamps are full carbon fiber. The only pieces that are   not are the fasteners. Priced at $219. This part will protect the underside of your machine. It weighs   approx 1.3 LBS with the clamps and hardware. We have over a year of testing on these skid plates on 3   quads running the WORCS series with ZERO failures. No structural damage, just the expected scuffing   from the elements. This is a build to order item, it includes all the fasteners and clamps for a complete   clean install. 
 Function and form. This piece protects the   coolant bottle from roost and other unexpected   hazards. Built only using top quality carbon fiber   with no other fillers.  
 This fits stock suspension only. It can be trimmed   to clear long travel arms. Priced at $45 
 This is a build to order item. 
 Here's a part i am having built by a local machinist. It is a full ball bearing Delrin chain roller that fits the   maximum rpm chain tensioner system for many brands of youth race atv's. The roller features dual sealed   ball bearings vs the bronze bushing that maximum rpm supplies. Maximum rpm does not sell a roller   separately. Life of this part is substantially longer since the bearing does not seize on the shaft like the bronze   bushing creating a flat spot on the plastic roller.  
 The inside diameter of the bearing is 10mm. With some light sanding on the shaft this slides over nicely.   Priced at $54.99 each.
 Another part i have built by a local machinist is a swingarm buffer. This part is fitted to the JB long travel   swingarms for the DRR's. Perfect protection to the front swingarm tube. Especially if you are running a smaller   than factory 35t rear sprocket. Made of Delrin and fits like a glove. Takes about 15 minutes to install. Priced at   $49.99 each