New and fresh for your KFX700 is our Carbon Fiber fuel tank gaurd. Its a great way to update the rear of your "V". Constructed 
From aerospace grade carbon fiber. It is about half the weight of your factory aluminum tank gaurd. This is the first of many new products upcoming for the Big Kawi. Priced at 119.99 for standard clear finish. Tints are available in multiple color tints via house of kolor paints and clears. Dont hesitate to contact us for more details!
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 Here is a recent review of this part:
I don't know how anyone else decided to test how strong the tank guards are, but they are STRONG. At a poker run last weekend my buddy BLASTED the back of my V with his 400ex and the only thing i could think is that i would kill him if he smashed that tank guard.
When i got off my bike and shoved his out it looked even worse, his AC bumper was crumpled and three bolts were snapped off. I dredded looking at my bike.
When i turned to look at it my tank guard had not one.....but two scratches in it......................that was all. I even removed it when i got home to check it better, nothing one scratch buffed off, the other was too deep to buff but i was shocked.
Apparently either these things are nearly indestructible or AC makes crap bumpers.
Great work guys! It's as strong as it is pretty 
The acutal thread can be viewed here:
Ultra light, Ultra strong. Stator covers. Priced at $79.99 for the big KFX!!
You'll have to excuse the reflections, all pics taken without flash to show actual brightness.